HD-Entertainment of the latest Generation!

Our HDTV-DVB-Tuner cards and USB-Boxes!


Single-, Dual-, Quad- and Octa-Tuners

Just watching TV or recording and archiving up to 7 more channels at the same time. No matter if satellite (DVB-S, DVB-S2), cable (DVB-C, DVB-C2) or terrestrial (DVB-T, DVB-T2) reception – we have the right HDTV tuner for you.


Encoded TV through CI

Watch the pay-TV offer of various providers live or recordings whenever you want. Our DVB tuners with CI slots support a lot of CA modules.



Compact Design

Thanks to their “low-profile” construction, many of our HDTV cards fit into just about any case.

USB-Tuner Boxes

These are small, handy and universally usable thanks to the USB connection. They are used where there is no room for a tuner card, for example Laptops.


DVB-T2/C Stick – more compact is not possible

Comfortable as never before – simply plug in and watch TV directly. For terrestrial and cable television no additional power cable is necessary.