FAQ about Tastenbrett

The transmission speed via WLAN slowed down

If you use WLAN (IEEE 802.11n,11b, etc) it could be, that BT  verwenden, kann es sein, dass BT influences you WLAN, because BT works on the same frequenceband. To avoid this choose an WLAN channel between 11 and 13.

Tastenbrett works not correctly (Windows 10) Mouse pointer is hopping

Microsoft changed the BT-stack in Windows 10. Please use the BT stack of Broadcom on the delivered CD.


Device can't find Tastenbrett or can't enable it

Check the following points:

  • Batteries are full, if not change it (2x Typ AA)
  • The on/off button on bottom is on position “on”
  • USB Dongle is in your device
  • BT receiver is enabled and on, if not turn it off and on, or remove it and put it back
  • Pushed you accidental the “Connect” Button on the back of Tastenbrett? If yes, connect it again
  • The keybord has max. range of 10 meters. Go closer to the BT receiver

Some buttons are malfunctioning

The keyboard works with the functionbuttons. Press “Fn” and “NumLock” at the same time to end the modus.

Trackball is disabled

Keyboard could be in standby. Press any button or change the energyoptions in your operating system.


Trackball reacts delayed

Turn the keyboard off and on. Button is on the back of the keyboard


Trackball clicks

To guarantee an easier control we do it without damping.