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Here you can find some instructions for installing the tuner cards, the software and so on.

Please note that the drivers are on each product site. You can find the drivers for old cards in the archive.


Here you can find step-by-step-instructions for installations for products.

E.g. for installing the software (TBS-Viewer, DVB-Viewer), installing drivers (PCIe-, PCI-cards, USB-boxes), configuration instructions for terrestrial receiving, and instructions for tastenbrett and smart-life-app.


FAQs Tuners


FAQs Smart-Life

Here you can find the FAQs. We have FAQs for our tuner cards and boxes, our keyboard called tastenbrett and for our smart-life products.

If there are no answer for your problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The site shows downloads for TV-applications and links to the provider with free and chargeable software. Please look for the information on the website for the software. After an upgrade the software could became chargeable.

Archive (discontinued products)

Here are the information and  drivers for old cards.

Drivers for current cards you can find on each productsite.