TBS 6900

TBS-6900 is a DVB PCIe card with 2 CI (Common Interface) slots, which enable you to use 2 suitable CAMs (conditional access module) to descramble Pay TV content. The PCIe interface of the TBS-6900 card makes it compatible in most of the PCs and Servers (only Linux based).


  • TBS-6900 is compatible with TBS TV tuners of all DVB standards (DVB-S / S2 / S2X, DVB-C / C2, DVB-T / T2 / ISDB-T).
  • TBS6900 is compatible with TBS IPTV Servers.

Product Features

  • Dual CI (Common Interface) Slot
  • PCI-Express card
  • Compatible withTBS TV Tuner & IPTV Server
  • Compatible with DVB Tools: DVBLAST, TVHEADEND


  • Input:  IPTV streams (udp/rtp/http) unicast or multicast
  • Output:  IPTV streams (udp/rtp/http) unicast
  • Max bit rate:  80Mbps/per channel
  • Power: 12V/10w

Connections and other details

Max. Dimensions of the card (W x D x H in cm): 14 x 9.2

Minimal System Requirements

  • Operating system: Linux (Ubuntu 1604 1804, Centos 7)
  • Available PCI Express x1, x4, x8 or x16 slot

Package Content

1 x TBS6900

How does it work together with other TBS products?

TBS-6900 is compatible with all of the TBS DVB TV tuner cards, and can be easily integrated in TBS Servers, together they can provide a highly flexible yet cost-effective DVB to IP Gateway solution.
For example, you have

  • 2x TBS-6909 DVB-S2/S octa tuner cards
  • 1x TBS-6900

installed in 1x MOI Pro AMD streaming server.

The two TBS-6909 cards receive up to 16 transponders, and then the TBS-6900 is able to descramble channels from different transponders on one CI/CAM. Use the software TBSREMUX to receive MPEG TS streams from multicast (udp/ rtp) or http and combine them into one multiple program stream that is suitable for the output as /dev/dvb/adapterx/secy (x=0-16, y=0.1), and then use DVB tools like DVBLAST, TVHEADEND to scan the transponder, at the end you can stream the TV content using MOI Pro AMD onto the IP network via udp/rtp/http protocol.

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