HDMI Encoder, 16 channel H.264, TBS-8030-16

The TBS-8030-16 Channels HD H.264 HDMI Encoder is a multi-channel HD H.264 HDMI Encoder that uses a hardware compression solution (FUJITSU). Compared to the 2U TBS-2630-HDMI encoder with Hisilicon solution, the TBS-8030 offers many video-quality outputs. The TBS-8030 supports up to 16x channel inputs with 2x Ethernet interface in a 1U chassis.

The TBS-8030 HDMI Encoder supports RTP / UDP protocols and displays resolutions up to 1080i. This makes it an ideal encoding server for digital data transmission. It supports capturing and recording H.264 HD content from PS3, Xbox 360, and digital video cameras. Plus, the TBS-8030 is more power-efficient and less expensive than other HDMI encoders.

  • Arriving soon!