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The smart plug is a mobile help to control electronic devices. The plug communicates with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and app. This solution is for protection and fun!

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth, one or more smart plugs and the app. You can control all devices, from smartphone charger up to fridge and at the same time.

The functions include, among others, a precise, flexible and, above all, an extended schedule. The plugs can be switched on and off at specific times, as often as you like. The advantage is that the circuit diagram does not have to be changed every time, but can be supplemented as desired in the app and the individual circuits can be selected.

The LED ring on the plug shows the current power consumption. If it’s low it is green, but if the consumption is high it lights up red. You also have a function which shows the consumption in a week or month.



Turn on and off with app, in real time or scheduled.


Power consumption by day, week or month


Shows the current power consumption of the device in the app and the color of the LED ring on the plug.

Timer function

Set up to 12 rules, which can be changed, when a plug should turn on and off.


Control up to 10 plugs at the same time


Timerfunction is also good as buglar protection. Lights can turn on and off when you’re not at home. So they think you would be at home.


  • timer function
  • on and off function through the app, in real time or via the timer function
  • Power consumption is displayed as a daily, weekly or monthly view in the app.
  • The LED ring on the plug serves as a display of the current power consumption: green means low, while red means high power consumption.
  • Theft protection by timer function. If the lamps are turned on and off several times a day and at different times, it gives an impression that someone is at home.
  • overload protection
  • schedules individually adjustable

Minimum requirements (tablet/smartphone)

  • Bluetooth 4.0 module in tablet or smartphone.
  • App for Android (starting from Android version: 4.3) or iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (starting from version: iOS 7.0) available for free as download.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (W x D x H in cm): 5.3 x 5.3 x 3.5
  • Weight: 0.09 kg
  • Input: 220-240 V, AC, 50 Hz, 16 A
  • Output: 220-240 V, AC, 50 Hz, 16 A
  • Power: 0-4200 watts
  • Overload protection: 17.6 A
  • Range: up to 15 m

Package Content

  • 1x Smarter-Stecker (plug)
  • 1x quick installation guide
  • 1x app for Android (starting from Version: 4.3) or iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (starting from version: iOS 7.0) free to download.